Who We are

Founded in 2000, Provida Life Sciences,
Inc. is the nation's leading provider of com-
prehensive in-home education-based
weight loss programs. We are dedicated to providing the latest information, valuable
educational materials and practical solu-
tions to help individuals and families live
long, healthy, active lives. Provida's revolu-
tionary health and wellness products, each
backed by leading industry experts and
decades of nutrition research, deliver life-
changing results to thousands of people
every day.

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Our Mission

We at Provida have one simple focus: To
help people live as long, as healthy and as
fulfilling a life as is humanly possible. We
truly believe that optimum health and well-
ness is the ultimate springboard to success
in every endeavor - it is the ideal founda-
tion from which to realize your greatest
potential and from which to create a mean-
ingful and fulfilling life. Each and every day
we strive to provide our customers with the
most practical and effective life-enhancing
products and services, expressly designed
to help them and their families achieve
optimum health and wellness for a lifetime.

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  Our Brands

More than 3 Million Americans put their trust in Provida to
better their lives - Simply put, our programs work >>

A successful weight loss product whose
users can lose weight without giving up
heir favorite foods - in fact, users
learn to use their favorite foods to
actually help them lose weight.

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Lose up to 10 pounds in 21 days. An
evolution in fat loss, this fully personal-
ized, interactive online program
provides the structure, guidance and
support you need to ensure that you
reach your weight loss goals.

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Provida Live Sciences
15250 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Phone: 1-877-PRO-VIDA

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